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What can Shipping Agent do for me?

Shipping Agent is the online concept for worldwide logistics services by Netherlands-based company Transportaanvraag B.V.. It offers a completely independent online platform for third party logistics for national and international transport. By means of our extensive network of logistics specialists we have been organising shipping solutions by air, water, railway and road already for 14 years. We can organise your transports full service. Our services include warehousing, transhipment, express shipping, packaging and re-packaging, customs documentation and door-to-door transport.

In your quote request you simply indicate which services you require. We then find you the shipping solution which is the best possible match to your transport request. With just one quote request you can be sure that the organisation of the transport is well taken care of, under the for you most favourable conditions.

What type of freight transport does Shipping Agent offer?

Shipping Agent organises any type of freight transport. Every day countless transports take place around the world, which were coordinated and organised by us. Ranging from express shipments of a single item to conditioned transport, shipping sea containers and transporting bulk goods.

Shipping Agent is an online logistics service. How does that work?

Shipping Agent combines the advantages of an online service and the service and expertise of experienced professionals. Our services are completely digital, with one important exception: when you contact us, one of our team members will personally reply.

As an online service provider we were able to create efficient and agile work processes. All of our attention is focused on the shipping requests and the execution of the transports. We maintain direct communication lines with the logistics service providers in our network, but also with you. This allows us to act fast, efficiently and cost-effectively, and also gives us the flexibility to process express requests and handle unforeseen events.
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Shipping Agent compares offers. Why doesn’t it show search results?

Professional transport is customized. A direct and automated reply to your quote request form is therefore not possible. Each freight transport has its own specifics, such as the origin and destination, the specific goods to be transported, the size and weight of them and the timeframe in which the transport needs to be completed. Shipping Agent therefore first analyses your request and, if necessary, contacts you for additional information, to make sure that the shipping solution we will coordinate for you is exactly what you are looking for. We then contact suitable logistics specialists, verify availability and select the quotation that is the best match for your specific transport request.

How does the financial settlement take place?

The financial settlement is in accordance with the offer you receive. You always have insight into the costs in advance, without the risk of potential unpleasant surprises afterwards due to subsequent costing. As each freight transport is different, the term of payment will be determined and discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

How is the shipment insured?

As standard your goods are insured according to the most recent and up to date version of the general conditions of the FENEX under which conditions all of Shipping Agent’s services are delivered. These are the Dutch forwarding conditions by the Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics, FENEX. Also, the parties executing the transportations follow the CMR / AVC / BL conditions.

In the case of a transport of goods of significantly different fair value, you have the option of additional insurance. If you opt for additional insurance, you will be notified of the costs for that beforehand.

What delivery guarantees does Shipping Agent provide?

Agreed is agreed. That is the leading principle in our service. We will do everything we can to ensure that the agreed delivery agreements are met. Should a transport unfortunately go less smoothly than planned, we will inform you of this at once and will do everything in our power to fix the problem.

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